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Software knowledge apps are found in this category. These apps allow the user to access information related to programming and coding. Types include HTML, Java, and Python software knowledge apps. Software knowledge apps are great for those studying coding or looking to brush up their programming skills.

Last updated 08-23-2017

Python Tutorial - Full guide

Python Tutorial - Full guide


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Python is one of the best known back-end languages used by most programmers today. Although its algorithm is similar to that of Java and C, its syntax focuses more on readability, thus, fewer lines of codes. Understand more of the history, basics, and core techniques for language implementation with this simplified guide for all curious, advanced, or blooming Python developers!

Read a brief introduction of how the language came to be, then start swiping sideways to begin your educational journey. Use the menu in the upper left corner to jump to another module, if you are ready to do so. Each module contains different pages that you can bookmark to read offline later on. Another plus is the option to change thee background color for your eyes, making it easier to read sample codes and text.

▲ Time to start learning! Read simplified Python concepts about the syntax and semantics of the language.

▲ Enlighten your mind in seeing sample lines of code and output.

▲ Use the step-by-step learning through organize modules to pick up Python.

It is not just the language that highly values readability but this guide as well. Read text with white, khaki, or sepia backgrounds and pinch the screen to zoom in or out. Organize bookmarked pages withing a folder, and never lose a lesson in your stack of pages. "While" you think learning Python is hard, this tutorial will help you "Catch" everything you need to prove otherwise!

You may pursue your career in back-end programming cutting off the "If" and anxiousness in mind, becoming a well-informed individual. Either way, getting the information you need will not require you to break your brain. Whether you are on your work break, or reviewing at home in the evening, "Import" lessons from the modules, then "Print()" knowledge to your real life output "While" you "Try" to bring out the best of your knowledge!

Python Tutorial - Full guide

Python Tutorial - Full guide