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Last updated 03-26-2017

Lets Spot

Lets Spot


Seller: BabyBus Kids Games

25 2.5

Want a challenging game where you have to spot the differences of two pictures? Here's a delightful way to enhance your children's senses. Let your kids play with this game that will develop their observation skills.

Look at the two pictures intently. Are there differences between the two pictures? Tap the screen and spot the things that make it different. Make sure to find all of them before time runs out. The game has a user-friendly interface, ensuring you an awesome spotting experience.

▲ Unlock all challenging levels.

▲ Tap the difference.

▲ Tap to use the magnifier when needed.

If you are having a hard time looking at the differences, there's a magnifying tool for you to use. Players can utilize the magnifier once in each level. So, use the tool wisely!

Playing this game will improve your kid's sense of awareness. They will get to develop sharp eyesight. With its colorful pictures, they are bound to have a great time paying. Check the photos and spot the differences!

Lets Spot

Lets Spot