Best Action RPG Apps for Android

Action RPG games are found in this category. These games involve real-time role-playing gameplay and often require quick planning and reflexes. Types include fantasy, military, and crime simulation action RPG games. Action RPG games are great for those who enjoy fast-paced gameplay as well as following a storyline.

Last updated 08-23-2017




Seller: David Zobrist

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Like fantasy-themed games involving orcs? Fond of managing an epic fortress? If so, then this wonderful clicker RPG is what you need to transform your mundane moments into a fantastic yet funny gaming experience.

You begin play with some ship-wrecked orcs stranded on a deserted island. Tap the screen to chop wood that will be needed to raise structures and perform upgrades for the stronghold. Improve your lumber generation actively through rapid tapping, and passively with the help of additional workers. Train warriors, archers, spearmen, and other orcs to send them toward quests for loot and conquest!

▲ Rapidly tap the screen to chop wood to construct buildings, upgrade work, train warriors, and send them on quests.

▲ Have fun watching your orcs battle humans and recover their health with some meat.

▲ Delight yourself in improving your units and structures with witty messages and amusing voices.

The island however teems with opposition in the form of humans, wolves, and other creatures. As your warband automatically fights them, you can recover lost health with a limited supply of meat. Achieve victory to expand your fortress with houses, meat buckets, and other buildings. View the game with colorful, smooth pixel graphics, while enjoying the amusing quotes and hilarious voices.

Have fun creating a massive, mighty orc stronghold as you conquer the island. Repeatedly tap for progress after viewing your favorite fantasy themed series on your breaks or at home.