Best Slideshow Tools Apps for Android

Slideshow tool apps are found in this category. These apps allow the user to create slideshows using images and videos. Types include simple and music-accompanied slideshow tool apps. Slideshow tool apps are great for those looking to put together memories of events or trips to share with others.

Last updated 07-24-2017

Photo Video Maker

Photo Video Maker


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In this era of smartphones and action cameras, it has become much easier to document life's interesting moments and share them through social media. This app helps you create short, and beautiful motion videos or picture slideshows, which you can then post for others to view. You can also add background music to enhance the mood of these captured memories, like fast electronic beats for crazy adventures, or mellow tunes during family events.

Video editing may sound technical, but there is no need for complicated software and professional-level skills with this app! All it takes are a few taps for you to add music, dubs, filters, and transitions. By using this tool, you are encapsulating snippets of your life in short presentations that will allow you to relive those moments every time you watch them!

Add background music through "Music Video," or create an image slideshow with "Photo Video."

▲ Select a song from the app's extensive music library that will aptly fit your video.

▲ If you are making an image slideshow, try experimenting around with different filters and transition effects.

This app is also a great tool if you are an aspiring singer, dancer, or artist, who wants to show their talent over the Internet. You can have a friend record your performance and maximize the video’s appeal with a few, quick touch-ups, and by adding music.

To make a celebration or important life event more meaningful, you can create a photo montage that captures the significance of the occasion. With the help of this app, be confident that your video will be beautifully presentable!

Photo Video Maker

Photo Video Maker