5 free extreme 360 videos you can experience right now

June 13, 2017

Ever pondered skydiving, but then remembered how absolutely mental it is to freefall from the sky? How about doing the opposite, and treading the depths of the ocean alongside bitey sharks? While this might be all in a day’s work for a daredevil, some of us are happy to keep our feet on solid ground, thank you very much! But despite this, there’s still this lingering feeling of curiosity that gnaws away at your brain. Solution: strap on a VR headset and check out these extreme 360 encounters you can experience from the safety of your couch (or toilet, if that’s your preferred throne of choice, we won’t judge).

Skydiving in 360

Nope, you’re not just suddenly dropping a plane in this one. YouTuber Sara Dietschy walks you through the process leading up to her jump – you get a bonus point for every time you notice growing fear in her eyes (we lost count) – and the skydiving grand finale. Her post-dive hair also makes her look like a Troll doll, which is nice for a chuckle after the sheer terror of plummeting to the ground!

Great Hammerhead Shark Encounter

Beautiful clear water? Check. Pristine white sand? Check. Humungous incoming hammerhead shark? Triple check. This Discovery Channel 360 video plops you in the middle of the Bahamas alongside a family of ocean-dwelling, saber-toothed creatures that circle around you. If you have a fear of being eaten alive by a shark, don’t skip to the 1:36 mark. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Walk The Tight Rope

This ain’t no circus trick, no sir. You’ll be crossing an actual Utah mountain crevice in your bare feet with nothing but a wire underneath to support you and a (presumed) grimace on your face. For a bit of extra fun, try viewing this one standing up and see how long it takes for you to faceplant. It took this writer until one minute in – goal!

Lap of Le Mans

If you’re into fast cars – and who isn’t – then you’re in for a treat my friend. Here you’re taken on a near six minute drive through the famed Le Mans racecourse in a speedy Nissan GT-R. Just like when you’re playing a racing game on a console, you’re probably going to feel yourself unconsciously swaying left and right as you speed around each curve and corner!

Wingsuit Experience

If freefalling from the sky or walking on a tiny tightrope aren’t enough for you, enjoy spreading your wings and soaring down a picturesque Norwegian cliff-face. Feel your stomach churn as you fly inches away from rocks and treetops before making a smooth landing on a mountain road – thankfully no incoming cars make an unwanted appearance.

So there you have it – five free 360 degree video experiences you can take on to give yourself a taste of the wild side. Who knows, after a few rounds of this you might even be able to pluck up enough courage to try out the real thing – be sure to record it in 360 degrees, so we can feature it next time!

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