5 of the weirdest 360 videos from YouTube

May 17, 2017

Ready to get weird? While VR is perfect for things like chilling out on a beach or scaring your pants off in a haunted house, it’s also a chance to experience whole new realities: strange, oddball, trippy ones! We’ve given you a head start with five of the weirdest 360 YouTube videos we’ve come across recently.

1. Inside Your Body

Compared to the others here on this list, this one’s relatively tame. But come on – moving through a random person’s insides doesn’t make you even a little bit squeamish? Try it out for yourself and get a tour of what goes on inside you (complete with a random blocky tour guide).

2. Trippiest Video on the Internet

That title doesn’t lie, this one takes you on an endlessly swirling journey through familiar yet… unfamiliar imagery. You can just feel your brain struggling to comprehend lizards morphing into dogs, then delving further into an abyss of layered artificial neural network trippiness.

3. Beware of the Calculator

A giant calculator addresses a group of his minions inside a vortex, whereupon he proclaims his powers of calculation and goes on to torture them with cries of “calculator… ulator… ulator…”. We’re really not making this up. See for yourself!

4. Odd Space

A group of bizarre, brightly colored, gyrating women perform some form of choreography in front of a stoic male while a gigantic head floats nearby. We told you this was gonna get weird, right?

5. Dancing Cats

You thought by the title that this was going to be cute? Does having a group of anthropomorphic cats dance in a circle around you sound cute? More like creepily hilarious! This one is a personal favorite at the INNOVATIV office, just for its sheer randomness.

There you have it – whether you consider it nightmare fuel or oddly enjoyable, these weird 360 VR videos are just the tip of the iceberg! Know of any others? Let us know through Twitter!

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