Blow apart incoming aliens in ‘Alien Attack VR’!

April 6, 2017
  • Blast through endless hordes of aliens using your trusty laser!
  • Enemies appear at random around you – use the 3D sound as your guide.
  • Work your way up the global leaderboard to prove yourself as the master alien annihilator!

Alien Attack VR

In space, no one can hear you scream… but everyone is bound to hear the screams of these monstrous creatures! Ready your laser gun, and prepare to blast these endless waves of alien scum into smithereens – all in first-person VR!

Attack from all sides!

Tap your VR headset’s trigger button to begin (or choose to use a Bluetooth gamepad). Aliens will start descending on you right away, and it’s up to you to have them taste laser beams by tapping the trigger button to shoot.

Alien Attack VR

Some creatures move faster than others, so be careful not to waste a shot by thinking ahead.

Limited lasers

You’ll need to strategize and be careful with your shots, as you have a limited amount. Destroy shiny blue boxes as you encounter them in the corridors to top up, or if you run out, you can always watch a quick advertisement to grab a handful to keep you going!

Alien Attack VR

Obliterated! Well-aimed shots turn those aliens into dust.

Become a hall of famer

The leaderboard can be accessed from the main screen and lists the best alien hunters from around the globe. While playing, keep track of the upper-left ‘Monster Killed’ number – the higher you can get it in one sitting, the higher you’ll rank!

Alien Attack VR

As you progress, your enemies become meaner and require more shots to be taken down.

The types and skills of the aliens change as you progress – think you can survive the onslaught of the terrifying wide-mouthed aliens or the green winged monstrosities? Keep your ‘Player Life’ in check, and see how far you can hold your own!



Alien Attack VR - Cardboard
Alien Attack VR - Cardboard
Developer: ARLOOPA Inc.
Price: $0.99

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