Be amazed from a new POV with ‘Amaze VR’!

May 28, 2017
  • Enjoy dozens of free VR videos where you put yourself in the picture!
  • Follow different categories to be instantly updated when new videos are available.
  • Choose to stream, or download HQ videos directly to your device for easier viewing.

Amaze VR

While there are plenty of VR apps offering VR videos, the majority of these have you viewing them as a passive observer. While it’s definitely cool to watch on as someone skydives or cowers behind squinted eyes for the duration of a horror short, what if you were able to put yourself directly into the scene unfolding in front of you and really become a part of it? ‘Amaze VR’ looks to answer this question!

Dozens of VR videos across six categories

The home screen welcomes you with six video categories, ranging from ‘Dance’ to ‘Travel’. To view each category’s contents, simply tap on the respective title and scroll through the different videos available. If you particularly like a certain category, you can also tap the ‘Follow’ button to be notified whenever it’s updated! Each video also displays how many times it has been watched so far, so you can easily figure out what’s hot at a glance.

Amaze VR

Browse through each of the categories with a swipe, or tap the top-left menu icon to learn more about how to use the app.

Put yourself in the picture

The hosts and actors within each video interact with you directly, making it feel like you’ve really stepped into someone else’s shoes and have taken on a whole new point of view. The VR experiences range from dancing down Hollywood Boulevard alongside a gorgeous dancer and going hiking with a model, to experiencing a zombie apocalypse and chilling out at a street concert in Washington DC!

Amaze VR

Each video has a short description as well as it’s length, so you have a better idea of what is being offered!

Each of the videos can be streamed, but for crystal clear quality, you can also tap the arrow button located on the top-right of each video to download it to your device. Enjoy a whole new perspective, and enjoy whole new experiences with yourself in the middle of the action!

‘Amaze VR’ can be found free for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS on the App Store, as well as for the Gear VR on the Oculus Store.


Amaze - Virtual Reality (VR)
Amaze - Virtual Reality (VR)
Developer: Off2, Inc.
Price: Free


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Amaze VR

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