Amazon Alexa: Try to outsmart Alexa with a game of ‘Twenty Questions’!

June 6, 2017
  • Think of an animal, vegetable, or mineral and see if Alexa can figure it out in twenty questions or less
  • Get amusing feedback as she tries to solve the puzzle as hard as her artificial intelligence will let her!
  • Play with friends and family of all ages, with simple “yes,” “no,” and “maybe” answers

Know the game ‘Twenty Questions’? One player needs to think of a person, place, or thing and the other players need to try and guess what it is within twenty questions. Now, your virtual friend Amazon Alexa wants to get in on the fun!

How to install ‘Twenty Questions’ for Amazon Alexa

Enable the skill by saying “Alexa, enable Twenty Questions” or visit the game’s skill page on the Amazon Skill store to enable it manually.

How to start ‘Twenty Questions’ for Amazon Alexa

Begin a new game by saying “Alexa, play Twenty Questions” or simply “Alexa, Twenty Questions.” If you want to quick start a game with a category, you can also say “Alexa, open Twenty Questions and use an animal/vegetable/mineral.”

How to play ‘Twenty Questions’ for Amazon Alexa

After starting the game, Alexa will prompt you to choose between the animal, vegetable, or mineral categories. From hereon in, she will begin to quiz you with questions like “is it green?” and “can it fit on your head?” Answer her questions with “yes,” “no,” “maybe,” “sometimes,” or “rarely”, until she thinks that she knows what it is!

Once Alexa has got it all figured out, she will ask you to see if it’s correct or not. If her answer is close, you can say “close” to continue the game until she has enough information to make another guess. Once you’re ready to finish up, just say “finish” or “end” to close the skill!

The ‘Twenty Questions’ Alexa skill for Amazon Echo can be found free on the Amazon store.

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