Amazon Alexa: Turn words into songs on the fly, with ‘Ditty’!

May 15, 2017
  • Turn your words and phrases into famous hit songs!
  • Dozens of different songs are ready to be crooned.
  • Connect with Twitter to have your Dittys shared automatically!


Looking to be amused? The premise is pretty simple – ‘you say it, Ditty sings it’. The funny take on auto-vocals is super easy to get going on your Amazon Echo device. Start out by installing via the Alexa app, or simply by stating ‘Alexa, enable the Ditty skill’. When you’re ready, say ‘Alexa, Open Ditty’. Finally, say anything you like!

Ditty transforms your phrase into one of many randomly chosen hit songs, with hilarious results. Think you can try them all? Link up your Twitter account via the Alexa skills page on your browser to have your Dittys automatically shared whenever you make one, and to listen to again and again!

Install Ditty from the Alexa Skills store

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