Catch an energetic kitty – if you can – in ‘Chase Chi VR’!

March 30, 2017

Chase Chi VR

  • Chase after Chi the cat as she hides in and around the house.
  • Ten locations will have you scouring all different directions!
  • 3D audio helps you to find where that white ball of fluff is hiding!

Cheeky Chi the feisty feline has been let loose in the house, and it’s up to you to find out where she’s hiding and catch her before she causes any more chaos. You’ll be needing both your eyes and your ears to discover where she’s lurking!

Quick! She went that way!
When you find the white kitty on the screen, quickly center your view on her and tap the trigger button on your headset to nab her and have her change positions. It starts out simple, but soon enough you’ll be needing to catch her as she speeds around the house!

Chase Chi VR

Tap the trigger button when the cursor turns green to catch her!

3D audio hints lend a hand
Feeling stumped? Listen carefully to the meowing sounds – the direction they’re coming from gives you an idea of where in the house Chi is hiding. Whether near the bookcase or sneaking past the window, use it to your advantage!

Chase Chi VR

At times the cunning cat tries to obstruct your view.

Can you find all ten of the spots Chi is hiding in? If you can, a cute little surprise is waiting for you that completes this short but sweet VR mini-game. You can also play again to try and find the nine mini paw prints hidden around the house as a bonus!


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