Spread your wings as a hungry eagle in ‘Eagle Flight VR’!

April 18, 2017
  • Take the role of a hungry eagle as you collect seagulls as treats!
  • Skillfully fly through hoops to grab extra air time.
  • Use coins to upgrade skills and unlock bonuses within the in-game store.

Eagle Flight VR

Ever imagined what it’d be like to morph into a bald eagle, spread your wings, and soar across the sky? Even if you haven’t, it sounds like a pretty nifty idea, right? Thanks to the magic of VR, experience the flight of the majestic eagle first-hand!

Catch those pesky seagulls

The aim is to turn those slippery seagulls into lunch. To do so, you’ll have to catch up and fly into them to turn them into a cloud of feathers! Fly into as many seagulls as you can before the timer runs out in order to get the highest score.

Eagle Flight VR

The locations of nearby seagulls are indicated by the purple arrows on the screen.

Handy boosts abound

Flying through any of the green hoops scattered around the island gives you a temporary speed boost, perfect for an extra jolt and to grab some extra time! Coins can also be spent within the in-game shop to upgrade your speed and grab some bonus time to nab more seagulls.

Eagle Flight VR

Your current score is shown at the bottom of the screen, and the purple gauge shows how much time you have left.

Whether you’re more into the chase or just looking to kick back and swoop around as you take in the tropical environment, spread your wings and set flight on a bird-iful eagle adventure!


Eagle VR
Eagle VR
Developer: Pixelplay
Price: Free

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