INNOVATIV Exclusive: A Chat on VR with YouTubers Cas & Chary!

May 8, 2017

Cas and Chary are a pair of VR loving Netherlands-based YouTubers who started creating VR playthroughs and reviews from the beginning of 2017, with the self proclaimed goal of helping to ‘push VR forward and give it the support it deserves’ – a worthy cause! We got in touch with the up-and-coming VR superstars to pick their brains on the VR world and learn about some of their most favorite VR moments.

How did you guys meet, and can you give a quick intro of yourselves?

We actually met online through chat and we hit it off quite fast. We have the same kind of humor and we like a lot of the same things, like gaming, but also music, movies and even anime! Not long after we found out we even live in the same city, we met up and things just heated up – metaphorically speaking 😉

Individually, we also have our own things that we like. Like Cas is a back end developer and is working on some hobby projects. She’s also into stock trading. Chary is almost done with her architectural engineering studies. She also loves playing the piano and illustrating.

What got you both into VR?

Actually Cas got us into it. She loves everything tech and found out about VR when Facebook acquired Oculus. Her employer then decided to buy the Vive for the office for inspiration, so we decided to go try it out before buying one ourselves. After the first try, we were sold. It just felt so awesome to feel like you’re really in a game – in a magical environment where anything can happen.

What kind of games are your favorites?

That’s a hard question! There are many games that we enjoy the most. I guess if we really have to choose, the games that we enjoy the most are the ones that we can enjoy together. Social games or games with multiplayer / co-op options.

What mobile VR games can you recommend?

We haven’t played a lot of mobile VR games yet, but we’d definitely recommend AltspaceVR (or vTime). We also tried out Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue recently. Which was enjoyable and cute as well!

What’s your funniest VR memory?

Since we mostly play together, the funniest VR moments have something to do with the other person. For example when Cas is playing horror games. Her reactions are so funny because she gets scared so quickly – imagine a lot of girly screams and discussions about who has to continue playing next.

What’s your most memorable VR moment?

Our most memorable VR moment is when we got to try out the HTC Vive for the first time at Cas’s office. Experiencing VR for the first time was just awesome! Also playing a RPG game (Orbus VR) together for the first time was great. We both love RPG games and being able to explore an open fantasy world together in virtual reality is amazing.

What direction do you think the world of VR is heading in?

We think VR isn’t only going to be big in the gaming industry, but we think it’ll also be big in the education and the international business industry. For example, we tried a few educational apps, and because of the immersion you are more inclined to learn. You want to keep paying attention instead of dozing off. I think information sticks around longer, because a VR app is so much more graphic than a book.

What would you recommend for people new to the world of VR?

Try it out whenever you have the chance. See what it’s like. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience.

Check out Cas & Chary via their YouTube channel and follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more VR fun and goofiness!

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