Fight through a fortress of monsters in ‘Fantasy VR’!

April 3, 2017
  • Slash your way through monsters to reach the middle of a dark fortress!
  • Solve puzzles within each area to unlock doors and move onto the next.
  • Work your way towards going head-to-head with a fire-breathing dragon!

VR Fantasy

You’ve found yourself at the entrance of an ancient fortress in the dead of night. There’s only one thing to do – explore it to the very end to uncover all of its treasures. The only thing is, you’re going to have to fend off menacing monsters and perplexing puzzles in order to get there!

Classic hack’n’slash gameplay

Monsters of all shapes and sizes, from gooey slimes to giant spiders, are out for a piece of you. Defend yourself with various weapons like the sword or magic club by tapping your headsets trigger button to swing at them until they’re taken down!

VR Fantasy

Watch out for traps – they can catch you off guard and cause a damaging strike if you’re not careful!

Puzzles to make you scratch your head

Different areas within the fortress need to be unlocked with keys that are hidden in boxes, behind traps, or surrounded by monsters. Some areas also contain frozen walls and other obstacles that need to be broken down in order to continue!

VR Fantasy

Doors with a square hole need to be opened with a key.

Break open boxes for extra goodies

Wooden boxes are strewn across the fortress that can be smashed open with weapons to reveal diamonds, health potions, and more to help you survive. You can always check your health and magic points by looking up to see if you’re in need of a boost!

VR Fantasy

Feeling stuck? Some areas have glowing stones that give hints on what to do next.

If you can make it to the fortress center, a big bad dragon is waiting for you to challenge him. Can you bring him down using your weapons and wits? Keep that trigger finger at the ready – he won’t be going down easily!


VR Fantasy
VR Fantasy
Developer: Chibig
Price: Free

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