Explore the depths of outer space in ‘Galaxy VR’ for Android

May 21, 2017
  • Explore four different game modes across 100 missions in space!
  • Battle, race, and solve puzzles both by spaceship and on foot.
  • Switch between VR headset and handset-only modes: continue play while on the go!

Galaxy VR

In space, nobody can hear you scream… but you can sure hear those laser explosions! ‘Galaxy VR’ is a jam-packed VR space adventure sure to please even the finickiest of sci-fi fans, with four different game styles and an impressive 100 missions to complete. Unleash your inner Skywalker or Skyfleet officer in battleship dogfights, spaceship racing, and more!

Explore space by foot and ship

Each of the 100 missions are a mix of four game modes: battleship dogfighting, tunnel racing, on-foot free roaming battles, and puzzle mazes. The game requires a Bluetooth controller, but this gives you more freedom to shoot lasers, spin your ship, jump, and other actions compared to just using your VR headset alone.

Galaxy VR

Switch between three different camera modes by tapping the mapped button and view your ship or character from different perspectives.

An immersive VR space adventure

Each mission is extensively detailed, with the graphics, sounds, and atmosphere pulling you into this galaxy of space exploration. Race around an open space station arena while firing lasers at space junk and rival ships, speed through fluorescent techno pipe tunnels, and go up against bots big and small on planet faces as you work towards completing all 100 missions!

Galaxy VR

In dogfight mode, keep an eye on the ship’s control panel to check the remaining battle time, your ship’s vitality, and more.

Whether or not you’re a big fan of sci-fi, ‘Galaxy VR’ is a great way to show off the power of mobile VR. Even if you’re ready for a break from your headset, switching to device-only mode is as simple as the touch of a button!

‘Galaxy VR’ can be found in both free and paid flavors for Android on the Google Play store.


Galaxy VR Demo
Galaxy VR Demo
Developer: Silicon Droid
Price: Free

Galaxy VR (Paid) – $1.99

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