Play smashing rounds on the greens in ‘Golf VR’!

May 16, 2017
  • Play immersive rounds of VR golf across three unique environments.
  • Intuitive controls: all you need to do is gaze to make selections and play!
  • A variety of clubs to choose from, as well as three difficulties and a local leaderboard.

VR Golf

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors and hitting balls at a distance, you’re most probably a fan of golf. I mean, who doesn’t love spending a leisurely time in nature AND trying to one-up friends and frenemies for a few rounds? The only problem is, renting out a space or becoming the member of your local country club can take a toll on your wallet. So instead, why not bring the course to you for free?

Immersive VR golf

Welcome to ‘Golf VR’, where the (golfing) world is your oyster. After arriving at the country club, you’ll notice three levels available for you – easy, normal, and hard. Each level has unique environments, from the sunny greens of easy to the snowscapes of hard, along with the mind-soothing sound effects of water flowing and birds chirping in the distance.

VR Golf

The red flag indicates how far away your ball is from the hole in real-time.

Intuitive and relaxing gameplay

Whenever you’re playing a stage, look behind you to bring up the club menu where you can switch between drivers, putters, wood clubs, and more. When you’re ready, look down at the ball and the strength circle will continuously fill from green to red. Choose the direction by using the blue arrow as a guide, and look up to make your shot towards the red flag!

Golf VR

You can switch between clubs at any time, like when you’re so close to the hole and in need of a gentle putter!

As the stages increase, so too does the challenge. While the initial levels have you shooting straight down the greenway, as you continue you’ll be needing to think strategically in order to choose the best clubs and angles to get over obstacles and around corners. While you can’t exactly feel the gentle wind on your face and smell the scent of freshly cut grass as you play, ‘Golf VR’ is the next best thing to a real-life round!

‘Golf VR’ is available free for Android on the Google Play Store.


Golf VR
Golf VR
Price: Free


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