How to create your own AR with ‘Blippar’

June 8, 2017

Ever experimented with an AR scanner? While there are a lot of promotional AR gimmicks (which admittedly can be pretty impressive at times), you might’ve wondered if you could ever try your hand at creating your very own AR creations to share with family and friends. Fear not – making your own AR is surprisingly a lot easier than you think!

Thanks to the recent AR boom, a number of DIY apps and services have started to pop up that offer a quick way to set up your own augmented realities. While many of these are paid services catered towards businesses, ‘Blippar’ offers a free personal option for casual users looking to play around with this new technology. To make it even easier, we’ve provided a step-by-step to take you from creating an account to publishing the finished product – so let’s get started!

1. Selecting your free account

Blippar AR - Packages

Open up your web browser and head to the Blippar website. From the Blippar Builder page, scroll down to the ‘Basic Blipp’ and ‘Pro Blipp’ options close to the bottom of the page. If you’re after a free account, simply click on the ‘Start Creating Now’ button underneath the ‘Basic Blipp’ option on the left.

2. Creating your account

Blippar AR - Sign Up

On the next page you’ll be prompted to enter your details, from your name to your country of residence. For the ‘What would you like to use Blippar for?’ just select ‘Personal’, and if you’d rather opt out of receiving email product updates make sure to uncheck the ratio icon just about the ‘Create Account’.

3. Create your first project

Blippar AR - New Project

Once your account has been set up, you’ll be taken to the project management screen. Tap the ‘Create Project’ button at the center of the screen and give your project the name you like before clicking ‘Create Project’.

4. Let’s create a Blipp!

Blippar AR - Create Blipp

As you might’ve figured by this point, a ‘Blipp’ is an AR marker. Each project can contain a number of Blipps, so create your first by tapping ‘Create Blipp’ and giving it a name. Next, drag and drop the marker image you’d like to use onto the grey box to upload it. If you’re having trouble deciding on what kind of marker to use, you can also tap the link on the lower-left for some pointers!

5. Combine premade elements to make your own AR

Blippar AR - Combine Elements

After clicking ‘Next’, you’ll find yourself on the Blipp editor screen. To start you off, you can find a variety of premade widgets on the left-hand side that contain images and links, such as to social media accounts and websites, as well as audio files or videos.

To add a widget element to your AR image, click and drag it from the panel and onto your image. Once it’s placed, you can use the editing features that appear on the right-hand side to tweak it as you see fit – change font sizes and styles, rotate, and even add animations. To edit animations, open up the bottom panel before dragging and dropping items onto the timeline that appears.

6. Upload and use your own images and more

Blippar AR - Own Images

If you’d rather surprise friends and family with your own images, videos or 3D items, click ‘Uploads’ on the top-left and drag and drop them into the sidebar that appears. Once they’re ready, simply drag them onto the center panel to adjust their size and position.

7. Preview your creation

Blippar AR - Preview

When you’re ready to test out your AR marker, click ‘Preview’ on the top right and follow the instructions – download the Blippar app for iOS or Android, enter the Settings and select ‘Enter a Code’ before inputting the code you’re given. Inside the app, tap the circular dot icon at the center of the bottom toolbar to load the ‘Discovery’ screen, and aim your camera at the marker (either on your computer screen or a physical copy) to see it come to life!

8. Publish your Blipp to share with others

Blippar AR - Publish

In order to have your marker saved within the Blippar directory and be viewable by others, you’ll be needing to have it published. This can be done by tapping ‘Make It Live’ on the preview screen, or clicking the blue ‘Publish’ button on the top-right of the editor screen. On the publish screen, you can also choose to have your Blipp viewable globally or by country: in either case, Blippar staff will first need to review and approve your creation before it’s officially live.

Blippar AR

Once your Blipp is given the green light, you can share your marker with others and they can view your personalized AR experience by downloading the Blippar app on their device. That wasn’t so tricky, right? You’ve got unlimited Blipps at your disposal – get back in there and make something unique to share!

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