Experience virtual reality romance with ‘Intimate VR: Eisuke’

May 9, 2017
  • Get up close and personal with a stern yet oddly charming anime hunk!
  • Gazing at different areas of his body triggers different responses.
  • Switch the voice acting between English and the original Japanese.

Intimate VR: Eisuke

You wake up, only to find yourself trapped in some kind of empty room. Before you have the chance to panic, the slender and sharply clad businessman Eisuke Ichinomiya saunters into the room. He bends down before you, only to whisper… “I bought you, you’re mine now!”

Examine your captor for different responses

Throughout the short but sweet dialogue with this mysterious millionaire, looking at different parts of his body like his head or chest elicits a variety of different responses. Feel the nervous rush as he moves ever closer to you – is he going to kiss you? Or does he have something more devious planned?

Intimate VR: Eisuke

Look at the keys, his face, or his chest to get different reactions.

Easily change up your gameplay options

When you first start, the option of choosing between VR mode and 360-degree mode becomes available – 360-degree mode lets you skip using a VR headset and allows you to use your device to view the scene. You can also unlock the original Japanese voice-acting through an in-app purchase if you’re after a more authentic anime romance experience.

Intimate VR: Eisuke

Feel as if you’re right there with the egotistical yet irresistible Eisuke as he moves ever closer to you.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just like to indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time, a quick trip with this virtual playboy is sure to set your heart aflutter!


Intimate VR: Eisuke – $3.99


Intimate VR:Eisuke
Intimate VR:Eisuke
Developer: Voltage inc.
Price: $3.99+

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