Create your own little piece of paradise in ‘LandscapAR’

May 25, 2017
  • Generate your own islands and terrain using a pen and paper!
  • View your creations in full 3D using the augmented reality mode.
  • Take snapshots within the app to save your landscape to share with others!


Admit it – you’ve always wanted your own little tropical haven. From the sparkling blue waters to the crisp golden sand, you’ve often fantasized of living out your days in these sunny isles when your mind wanders a little too far during a busy day. While it might be a stretch in actuality, thanks to the magic of augmented reality you can create your own slice of paradise right at your desk with ‘LandscapAR’!

Create a virtual landscape by drawing circular elevation lines

On a white piece of paper, use a thick black marker to create circular elevation lines anywhere you like. The more circular lines you add within another, the higher the elevation! Use your creativity to sketch out lines of all shapes and sizes to generate your own one-of-a-kind islands and terrains.


Tapping on the different paper options to the left change the size of the frame. Choose to scan everything, or only select parts!

Scan your creation to view it in augmented reality

In the app, select between the four size options and hold your device over the paper until everything you want is in the frame. When you’re ready, tap ‘SCAN’ and hold still – when it’s done, your design will appear on the screen, complete with calming animated water!


If the image is a little too dark, you can tap the sun icon on the lower left to brighten it up.

Tap the icons along the left-hand side to switch between top mode and AR mode, the latter will give you a full 360 degree view  of your mini utopia. Move your device around the paper to see it in all its glory, and tap the camera icon to grab a snapshot for later viewing or to show off to others. Experiment and try to see how many unique topographical creations you can come up with!

‘LandscapAR’ can be found free for Android on the Google Play Store.


LandscapAR augmented reality
LandscapAR augmented reality

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