Solve the mystery of the stolen puppy gold in ‘Lilyville VR’!

April 10, 2017
  • Explore a cute remote village populated with talking dogs!
  • Follow the clues to uncover the culprit who stole Molly’s gold.
  • Experience changes in day and season as you follow the story.

Lilyville VR

Ever heard of Lilyville? That was a trick question – no human ever has! This quiet, hidden countryside village is populated by dozens of talking dogs who call it home. Life has usually been peaceful, but last night poor Little Molly’s gold was stolen – there’s a thief in the midst!

Open exploration

The town and the forest around it are free for you to explore! Just tap your VR headset’s trigger button to start walking, and again when you want to stop. From the blue open skies to the quaint windmill, you can take in the scenery at your own pace.

Lilyville VR

The townsdogs offer helpful hints, like the next location to visit or who they suspect could be the thief.

Unravel the mystery

Just who is the thief? Is it Gracie… or maybe Barry? You’ll have to move around and chat with each dog – by walking close to them – to get clues of where to head next. You can even visit their houses by long gazing at the marker on their door!

Lilyville VR

Take a breather from your detective duties to take in the village around you as it changes seasons and time of day.

Not only can you enjoy following the clues to solve this whodunit, as the story progresses so do the weather and time of day. Feel the sensation of crisp white snow, or take a peek at the glowing moon when the sun goes down. Although picturesque, you’re going to have to find the thief in order to get back to the human world!


Lilyville VR - Virtual Reality
Lilyville VR - Virtual Reality

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