Feel your Zen as you discover hidden figures in ‘Perfect Angle Zen Edition VR’

April 4, 2017
  • Solve optical illusions with subtle camera rotations!
  • Over 70+ hidden figures are waiting to be uncovered.
  • Three modes to choose from: VR, AR, and device!

Perfect Angle Zen Edition VR’

The gentle tickle of piano keys welcomes you to a world of slow-paced puzzle solving. A soothing pond, friendly koi, and colorful butterflies help to strengthen your inner Zen as you work to solve increasingly challenging optical illusions.

It’s all in the angle

Tilt your head left, right, up or down around all 360-degrees to rotate the in-game camera. Each cluster of seemingly random objects needs to be aligned at all different angles in order to discover what they’re really hiding!

Perfect Angle Zen Edition VR’

The puzzles get increasingly challenging as you continue. Even a slight change in the camera angle can reveal the figure underneath!

From football players to fire hydrants

When the pieces have been put together correctly, extra pieces will drop away to reveal the animated 3D model beneath. If you’re finding yourself super stuck, visit the menu by rotating the camera into the pool and selecting the hint icon for a peek at what you’re looking for!

Perfect Angle Zen Edition VR’

After you check a hint from the menu, the helpful koi fish carry it with you on the game screen to lend a hand.

Three choices of gameplay

Looking to take a break from your VR headset? Along with VR mode, tap into ‘Normal’ or ‘AR’ mode from the start screen to play using only your device, or with a printed QR code that brings the illusion into reality!

Perfect Angle Zen Edition VR’

Unlocking the full color and animated figure is sure to give you a sense of achievement!

With over 70 mind-bending puzzles to solve, you’ll be needing to call on your brain power and creativity in order to discover all of the items hidden within. Can you unlock every level? There’s only one way to find out – get solving!


Perfect Angle Zen edition VR
Perfect Angle Zen edition VR


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