No more nerves – perfect your public speaking with ‘Public Speaking VR’

March 20, 2017
  • Practice public speaking in fully animated and immersive environments.
  • Analyze your speaking pace, eye contact, interview skills, and more.
  • Learn new skills in the ‘Training Room,’ and unlock achievements in the ‘Awards Room’ for motivation!

Public Speaking VR

If just the thought of speaking in front of a group of people has you shaking in your boots, you’re not alone – it’s one of the more common fears in today’s day and age. Whether it’s a class presentation or a speech to a massive crowd, practice makes perfect – and that’s where this awesome VR tool comes in handy!

Realistic and safe training environments

First time as a keynote speaker? Try out the large conference room. A presentation for clients? The smaller meeting room could do the trick. Each room has a fully animated audience that move realistically, and help to prepare you for the real thing!

Public Speaking VR

Don’t have a speech in particular to practice for yet? Select the ‘Turn Transcript On’ icon to select from a variety of famous speeches to practice with.

Analyze your speaking patterns and perfect that presentation!

Looking to the ‘Analyze’ icon when in each room activates the speech analysis function, which gauges your speaking pace, filler word, and eye contact throughout your practice. The option to add your own slideshow to the in-world screen also aids in timing yourself effectively!

Public Speaking VR

Browse through dozens of inspirational videos by notable public speaking personalities in the ‘Training Room’

Interview skills, and more

Have an interview coming up that’s leaving you anxious? The interview room allows you to choose between different job positions, genres, and major companies to practice answering interview questions to. The wedding room is also the perfect place to rehearse your speech for a loved one’s big day!

Public Speaking VR

A variety of company-specific interview questions are available to help you get the upper hand in the real thing!

No matter if you’re a seasoned speaker or a newly graduated employee, taking the time to improve your public speaking ability is important for getting ahead in your career. Harness the power of VR technology to supercharge your skills – say goodbye to sweaty palms, and hello to confidence!




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