Exterminate aliens and save your wife in ‘Purge Day VR’

April 12, 2017
  • Take on waves of deadly alien foes in the midst of an invasion of Earth!
  • Choose from a variety of weapons and power-ups, from shotguns to grenades.
  • Work your way through the immersive storyline across several chapters and environments.

Purge Day VR

It seemed like any ordinary day, until it happened – an unstoppable force of intergalactic creatures swarmed across the world in the blink of an eye, bringing death and destruction in their wake. You, Jack Bowman, are one of the lucky – or unlucky – survivors, in desperate search of your wife Jeni.

Slaughter the swarms

After setting up your gamepad (which is required to play), the comic book style cut scene gives the back-story of what’s going on. From here, you’re thrown into the action! Aliens will be coming at you from all sides, so you’ll be needing to look in all directions and to shoot them down using your assigned interact button before they chomp on you.

Purge Day VR

As you continue, the waves grow bigger and faster – take them down quickly and with precision!

Weapons and power-ups aplenty

At the beginning of each scene, you have the ability to purchase different types of weapons from the armory box using in-game cash, from pistols to shotguns. Additional power-ups like grenades and ‘slow tokens’ – which slow down time temporarily – are also available, and can be mapped to different keys on your controller for quick usage in battle.

Purge Day VR

Tap the armory box using the interact button to purchase weapons, like grenades that blow the aliens into smoke!

A suspenseful story full of brutal bosses

The game is divided into chapters, with each part taking you to a new environment and giving more insight into the storyline. The end of each chapter also features a boss alien to take on – can you survive to the end?

Purge Day VR

The detailed scenery around you adds to the apocalyptic setting of the storyline.

The waves of different alien types will keep you on your toes in this take on immersive VR horror. Whether fast or slow, all are out for blood – eradicate them before it’s too late!


Purge Day VR
Purge Day VR
Developer: Red Limb Studio
Price: Free

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