Shoot down Martian invaders in ‘Romans From Mars 360’

April 19, 2017
  • Defend your castle from incoming aliens by using your trusty crossbow!
  • Unleash elemental power-ups to give you an extra leg up on those Martians.
  • Upgrade your artillery to hit more enemies, move faster, and more.

Romans from Mars

What’s green, wears a feathered helmet, and goes splat when struck with arrows? Invading Martians disguised as Roman soldiers of course! Use speedy reflexes to defend your castle walls from these incoming kooky characters before they take over!

Hands-free crossbow shooting

As the little green men are dropped off from their flying saucers, simply look in their direction to fling arrows at them to stop them in their tracks. As the waves continue, more and more attacking aliens begin to appear – use your agile head movements to smack them down before they reach the castle and lower your health.

Romans From Mars

As the waves continue, different kinds of Martians appear – like unfortunate ones carrying loads of explosives!

The power of the elements

Pulling off successful attacks raises your mana, which is found by looking at the vial to your right. Try using it by tapping the trigger button on your headset to unleash an almighty lightning bolt onto the field, annihilating a group of Martians at once!

Romans From Mars

Use coins you gather through each game to upgrade your crossbow.

After a number of waves have been taken down, you’re given the option to upgrade your crossbow for a bigger hit radius, critical chance, or rate of fire. As you play, elemental bubbles appear across the battlefield that when hit release special attacks to help give you the upper hand. Use them to your advantage, and take down those green Roman imposters once and for all!


Romans From Mars 360
Romans From Mars 360
Developer: SidekickVR
Price: Free


Romans From Mars 360
Romans From Mars 360
Developer: SidekickVR Games
Price: Free

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