Take part in a virtual snow fight in ‘Snow Strike VR’!

May 18, 2017
  • Compete in increasingly challenging snowball fights against multiple opponents.
  • A variety of levels keep you on your toes and going up against cute characters and evil snowmen!
  • Earn stars for completing levels quickly and by holding down your fort with gusto!

Snow Strike VR

Ready, steady, throw! Get your throwing arm ready (or in this case your trigger finger) for a no holds barred snowball fight within this winter wonderland. Whether you love the satisfaction of smacking someone in the face with a ball of snow or the challenge of an all-out snow brawl, ‘Snow Strike VR’ is fun for all ages.

Deceivingly simple controls

The aim of each level is to defend your fort, which you’ll have to do by hurling snowballs at incoming characters and snowmen. Tap your headset’s trigger button to throw, and tap multiple times to lob bunches of snowballs at once. Enemies come from everywhere around you, so you’ll have to look in all directions in order to catch them before they catch you! If a snowball is coming your way, quickly look down at the ground to dodge it.

Snow Strike VR

Opponents will be constantly hiding behind obstacles, so you’ll have to time your throws carefully to nab them when they’re on the run!

Increasingly challenging levels

Seven levels (three for the free trial) are available to test your mettle, with each getting more challenging. The higher the level, the more opponents and obstacles there are to contend with. Each opponent needs to be hit a number of times before they fall unconscious, and the stage is cleared once all opponents have been struck down!

Snow Strike VR

You’ll know when an opponent is knocked out when you see the sleeping ‘Z’s above their head.

When a level’s completed, you receive a number of stars – the faster you complete the level and the better you defend your fort, the higher amount of stars you can get. Aim for a perfect three stars in every level to show off your snowball skills!

‘Snow Strike VR’ can be found in both free and paid flavors for Android on the Google Play store.


Snow Strike VR (Free)
Snow Strike VR (Free)
Developer: dpid.co
Price: Free

Snow Strike VR (Paid) – $1.99

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