Top 3 Horror 360 VR Videos for April 2017

April 24, 2017

Ever checked out the 360 degree VR videos you can watch for free in HD over on YouTube? While you’re definitely spoilt for choice, it can be tricky to pin down some choice clips to sink your teeth into. We decided to do some of the dirty work for you, starting with this week’s no-brainer – horror!

3. DreadEye

This one has been doing the rounds across a number of channels lately, and with good reason!
Originally a PC exclusive, now you can enjoy (take that with a grain of salt) traveling through some kind of nightmarish asylum for murderous freaks from your device.

2. Welcome to Silent Hill

Fans of the ‘Silent Hill’ series should know these nurses pretty well, but have you ever gotten up close and personal with them? Whether fan or non-fan, experience being chased by these knife-wielding monstrosities in full VR for yourself.

1. The Road

Indonesian filmmakers sure know how to pull off a good scare. Feel the claustrophobia sink in as a ‘Kuntilanak’ – or female vampire ghost – makes her way around and into the car you’re trapped inside!

While you can preview the videos as they are here, be sure to copy each video’s link into the official YouTube app in order to activate VR mode and really get immersed, and be sure to check out our introductions to VR horror games for an interactive spook! Happy horrors!


Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free


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