Keep your eyes fresh and healthy with ‘Vision Therapy’

April 12, 2017
  • Exercise and help look after your eyesight – in space!
  • Five different exercises are available to freshen, tighten, and strengthen.
  • The exercises are randomized each time, to give some variety every session!

Vision Therapy

In this day and age of modern technology, we often find ourselves staring at screens for far too long – from computers all day at school or the office, to at home on our smartphones or tablets. Unsurprisingly, this takes a toll on our eyesight. Keep those windows to the soul bright and healthy with some simple yet effective exercises!

Classic exercises made fun

Eye exercising in space? Sure beats the optometrist’s office! Five exercises are available to train your eyesight, from matching the speed of a butterfly’s wings with blinks to carefully keeping your eyes on a friendly UFO-riding alien as he makes his way around the screen.

Vision Therapy

Move your head to draw out different letters in this exercise.

A different mix each time

Each time you start a session – recommended at least once daily – you’re welcomed to a random set of the five available exercises. Each exercise also has a number of variations to help spice things up!

Vision Therapy

Keep your eyes on the UFO as it moves along the dotted pattern.

While VR is great for riding rollercoasters, running away from ghosts, or solving puzzles, it’s great to see its potential in the healthcare space growing. With an app like ‘Vision Therapy,’ you can keep your eyes in tip-top shape, and enjoy the world of VR at the same time!


Vision Therapy – $2.99


Vision Therapy VR
Vision Therapy VR
Developer: IndeePop Games
Price: $2.99

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