VR & AR News Roundup (July 10th – July 14th)

July 17, 2017

Another week, another bunch of VR and AR news: as always, we’ve waded through the latest updates and picked out the cream of the crop to make catching up a breeze. This week saw the Rift getting cheaper, Facebook tightening integration with Spaces and their browser platform, and more.

Spaces can now be broadcast live on Facebook

Facebook Spaces

The company has brought their social VR platform closer to the traditional Facebook experience, allowing users to live stream their time inside VR social spaces on their Facebook profile.

Source: Road to VR

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle price drops to $399 temporarily

Oculus Rift Discount

Just in time for summer, the Oculus and its Touch controllers have dropped from their original $598 price tag to $399 for the next six weeks. Speculation states that this is due to close competition with the PSVR, which is marketed at a similar price point.

Source: UploadVR

VR being used to rehabilitate prisoners


VR developer GTL Studio is developing VR software that allows prisoners to work through difficult situations in a controlled environment, such as dealing with anger, overcome phobias, teach vocational skills, and combat boredom.

Source: VRFocus

Treatment of facial paralysis with VR technology

VR for Facial Paralysis

In addition to VR being used for medical conditions such as mental health and medical education, it is now being used for patients with facial paralysis. The system is aimed at patients who are too traumatized or upset to view their own face while undergoing rehabilitation, so can have it replaced with a virtual avatar.

Source: VRFocus

Chinese company Alibaba creates sonic guns that can mess with VR transmissions

Ultrasonic VR Gun

When pointed towards a VR or MR headset, the guns send out ultrasonic waves that distort the image within it, causing it to spin and morph, thus making the user become sick. The idea of “weapons” being created to target digital experiences instead of for the purpose of inflicting physical damage is certainly an interesting one.

Source: VR Scout

The further potential of ARKit shown off alongside the HTC Vive

ARKit Mixed Reality

Since being released to developers late last month, Apple’s ARKit has already proven to be a hit. New York-based developer Normal VR released a video showcasing how the ARKit software can be interlinked with VR in order to create mixed reality quite easily.

Source: VR Scout

Microsoft confirms that they’re more focused on PC VR than console VR

Xbox HD

Microsoft general manager Dave McCarthy confirmed that despite statements that their new Xbox model would be VR-ready, they are focusing more on VR and MR for their Windows 10 platform.

Source: Gamespot

Oculus announce that a variety of VR titles have made more than $1M in their store

Oculus Rift

Oculus and Facebook committed to investing a large sum in pushing for VR content development back at the end of 2016, and it appears the fruits of their labor are beginning to emerge – Head of Content Jason Rubin stated that “multiple titles have made more than $1 million in the Oculus Store alone.”

Source: Road to VR

New website VRNISH helps to locate VR arcades around you


The service has begun to compile lists of VR facilities around the world, and although is focused on those looking to play or try out VR it’s also for developers and operators to get in contact with each other.

Source: Venture Beat

IB Times highlight how the military are using VR

VR Military

A new feature article details how VR is currently being used in the military, such as battleground training, readying personnel for deployment, remote guidance for engineers, and more.

Source: IB Times

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