VR & AR News Roundup (June 19th – June 23rd)

June 25, 2017

Hello, hello and welcome to this edition of our weekly news roundup, where we shine a spotlight on the biggest and most interesting VR, AR, and voice assistant news from the previous week. This week we have a weird VR headset, some interesting statistics, and more!

New Vive game has you grooving your feet

Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing

‘Redfoot Bluefoot Dancing’ is a new HTC Vive release from developer Rebuff Reality, that has you attaching the Vive Trackers to your feet and have a bit of a boogie a la Dance Dance Revolution. Will you be able to work up a sweat? Who knew VR could be healthy!

Source: VR Focus

YouTube introduces new video format, VR180

VR180 YouTube Camera

While we usually think of VR video as using a 360-degree image, YouTube announced during this year’s Vidcon keynote their new 180-degree video format. The format was introduced to allow for stereoscopic video, which can be created much more quickly and easily compared to full 360.

Source: VR Scout

A weird and wonderful headset that can change the taste of food has been concocted

Bizarre VR Headset

An assistant professor at Tokyo University has come up with a unique headset that uses smells along with VR and AR imagery to change the flavor and size of a cookie that they are eating. The “virtual cookie” is an experiment on how our brains process food – interesting stuff!

Source: VR Scout

Android O on track to provide big changes for the Google Daydream ecosystem

Android O

Recent developer notes indicate that a big graphical overhaul is within Google’s upcoming OS release, which will have the drawing and display of images and data work more efficiently. The notes also detail how background processes and power management will be adjusted for even smoother performance when in VR.

Source: Android Central

Samsung reportedly working on a stand-alone Gear VR headset with a whopping 2000ppi display

Samsung VR

The company have already made a successful foray into VR with their collaboration with Oculus, but reports are stating that they are in the midst of creating their first stand-alone headset with a super-high resolution – direct competition for Google’s standalone headsets perhaps?

Source: Digit

The HTC Vive is the most popular platform for developers, with Cardboard coming in fifth

HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Stats compiled by Upload VR show that the HTC Vive is the platform of choice for VR developers, with the Oculus Rift coming in at second. Google Daydream and Cardboard also come in at solid fourth and fifth places respectively, showing that mobile VR is still going strong.

Source: Upload VR

Google Glass gets its first update in three years

Google Glass

Now that’s a name we haven’t heard for a while! In a sudden turn of events, Google’s (almost) forgotten tech accessory received its first update in nearly three years. The only thing is, it didn’t add much. But at least now we know Google hasn’t forgotten about it!

Source: TechCrunch

The global market for VR headsets set to grow to 67 million by 2021

VR Headset

Tracking data from IDC is predicting that both virtual and augmented reality device shipments are projected to grow, but with virtual learning towards consumer and augmented more towards commercial markets. A promising future for the technologies!

Source: Media Post

Fortune examine the pitfalls of virtual reality

Virtual Reality Nausea

The recent article details the most common problems that VR is facing right now and struggling to overcome, from the issue of motion sickness to whether or not AR is the better option, in pretty deep detail.

Source: Fortune

Al Jazeera release their very first VR documentary, ‘I Am Rohingya’

I Am Rohingya

The globally renowned media network’s first step into VR was made for the purpose of bringing awareness to refugees in Rohingya, Myanmar. More than 120,000 Muslims are housed across more than forty internment camps, and the documentary details their stories.

Source: Haptic

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