Hello! Ni hao! Brush up your language skills with ‘VR Chat’

April 19, 2017
  • Practice your English or Mandarin speaking skills alongside a virtual partner!
  • Choose between a variety of topics to talk about, as well as different environments.
  • Keep track of your competency with a comprehensive performing tracking area.

VR Chat

Learning a language is challenging, but it’s especially difficult when you don’t have a conversation partner to chat with. Practice your English or Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary, and speaking skills alongside a virtual pal with this unique language learning tool!

Practice makes perfect

Start out by selecting a topic or environment, and you’ll be taken to a quiet area sitting across from your language partner. They will start the conversation, and you’ll be prompted with a sentence to answer with – look at the microphone button and tap your headset’s trigger button to start the recording, and hit the stop button when done to finish.

VR Chat

Pinyin is shown alongside the Chinese characters to help you with the pronunciation.

Keep track at a glance

Tapping into the ‘performance’ area of your profile allows you to stay up to date with your progress. From the number of topics covered to vocabulary learned and even phonetics details, the screen makes it easy to gauge your progress and pinpoint problem areas to focus on.

VR Chat

Brush up on different themes like family, school, and hobbies.

Whether you’re wanting to brush up on your English skills or try your hand at Mandarin, the learning process becomes a lot more practical when you have a realistic way of applying it in conversation. Unlock your gift of gab, and start chatting your way to English and/or Mandarin competency!


VR Chat
VR Chat
Developer: Tangor Tech Ltd
Price: Free

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