Soar above a gleaming cyberpunk city in ‘Androids Dream’

May 14, 2017
  • Enjoy a piloted flying car experience across a cyberpunk cityscape!
  • Fan of ‘Blade Runner’? Enjoy the nods to the classic film as you fly.
  • An epic synth sci-fi soundtrack rounds out the total city tour experience.

Androids Dream VR

Think you’ll ever live long enough to ride in a flying car a la ‘Blade Runner’? While this might be a bit of a stretch, with VR anything is possible! Strap yourself in and enjoy your very own personal tour over a glistening futuristic city.

Sit back and relax

The idea here is the experience – you won’t need to do anything apart from take in the environment around you by looking around as you slowly move across the cityscape. After tapping the initial start button using the trigger button on your headset, your trusty pilot does the work for you!

Androids Dream VR

Check out other flying cars and the inside of your cabin by simply looking around intuitively.

A bustling cyber city

As you look around, you’ll notice obvious nods to sci-fi and cyberpunk culture, from the wide scale fluorescent billboards smothered high across buildings to the cryptic glowing signs in Japanese. If you’re a fan of ‘Blade Runner’, you might even feel a few waves of nostalgia alongside the awe of your VR flight experience!

Androids Dream VR

Look around through each of the windows so that you don’t miss anything!

Your trip is accompanied by a soundtrack that makes the flight even more immersive as you make your way to the ending point on top of a soaring skyscraper. Kick back and enjoy transporting yourself into this futuristic world for a quick fix whenever you want to detach from reality for a moment or two!


Androids Dream (Cardboard VR)
Androids Dream (Cardboard VR)

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