Crank up your VR experience with ‘Galactic Rush VR’

May 10, 2017
  • Fly through a ‘Tron’-inspired galaxy in blazingly fast VR!
  • Tilt your head left and right to avoid colliding with obstacles.
  • Go-getter? Distance achievements are shown when you break records!

Galactic Rush VR

Ready for a challenge? Put your precision and your patience to the test in this speedy intergalactic experience! You’ll be needing to keep your eyes open and your reflexes sharp in order to get as far as you can.

Trippy, space-inspired visuals

You move forward automatically, so it’s up to you to control your turns by tilting your head to the right and left. Each warp tunnel and wormhole is complemented by bright colors and patterns – kind of makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a ‘Tron’ movie!

Galactic Rush VR

The further you go, the more challenging the obstacles get!

Beware the red debris

The main aim of the game is to avoid smacking into the red debris (that come in various shapes and sizes) found along each tunnel. This is done by subtly or dramatically tilting your head in different directions, in order to evade them and continue on. Hit any, and it’s game over!

Galactic Rush VR

Experience the rush of close calls and just making it through bumps in the road.

If you’re feeling like the VR beaches and roller coasters you’ve become accustomed to are a tad on the tame side and you’re ready to ramp up your virtual reality experience, give ‘Galactic Rush VR’ a go – it’s frustratingly addictive!


Galactic Rush VR for Cardboard
Galactic Rush VR for Cardboard

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