Hop, skip, and jump to dodge traffic in ‘VR Street Jump for Cardboard’

March 19, 2017
  • Avoid traffic by looking both ways and bouncing to safety.
  • Streets get increasingly challenging – how far can you travel?
  • Challenge friends and family to beat your top score using your device!

VR Street Jump for Cardboard

Ready to hop? In the vein of ‘Frogger’ and the more recent ‘Crossy Road’ series, the objective of ‘VR Street Jump’ is to get as far as you can without getting squished by oncoming traffic! Strap on your VR headset and be sure to look both ways in this game of quick reflexes.

Be careful, like momma taught you!

Move your head around to choose a direction, and tap the trigger button on your headset to jump a step forward. Cars, trucks, and even trains are coming from every which way, so you’ll have to avoid getting hit by timing your jumps just right.

VR Street Jump for Cardboard

Quickly tap the trigger button to leap out of the way when traffic gets too close!

My way, or the highway

While the first few one-way streets might be easy, soon enough you’ll be needing to maneuver your way across multi-lane highways and train tracks in your pursuit of reaching the next green lawn safe zone. Even here, trees and bushes at times obstruct your view and you might find yourself having to call on Lady Luck!

VR Street Jump for Cardboard

Incoming trains require even quicker reflexes, so think fast!

Look left, look right, and keep that tapping finger at the ready in order to get as far as possible. Each turn displays your previous top score – use it for a little bit of extra inspiration as you bounce your way across these busy boulevards!


VR Street Jump for Cardboard
VR Street Jump for Cardboard
Developer: VRMob.co
Price: Free


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