Soar through the sci-fi city while avoiding obstacles in ‘VR X-Racer’!

March 15, 2017
  • Easy tilt controls, but challenging spaceship racer gameplay!
  • Collect a variety of spaceships in different colors and styles.
  • Switch between VR and handheld modes to change up the difficulty!

VR X-Racer

Aliens have landed on a futuristic Planet Earth, and it’s up to you to pilot your ship across the desolate cityscape in the hopes of reaching them before it’s too late! You’re going to have to call upon your quick reflexes to avoid smashing yourself to smithereens though, or else it’s back to the drawing board.

Jumping through hoops

Sets of colored rings appear at random, which you will have to tilt your head left and right to maneuver your ship through. Blue rings give you extra points, while green give you a temporary speed boost – a double-edged sword, as the boost could send you hurtling into the nearby scenery if you’re not careful!

VR X-Racer

The gauge bar indicates how much longer the Turbo Boost is active for.

Gotta collect ‘em all!

A variety of different spaceships are up for grabs within the ‘X-Racer Shop’, but you’ll have to fork over in-game credits in order to become their lucky owner. Credits are earned by moving through the blue hoops, so aim to fly through as many as you can for a bigger payout!

VR X-Racer

The shop can be accessed by tapping into ‘Store’ from the main menu screen

If the super speed of VR mode leaves you feeling a bit woozy, you can easily switch to normal mode using the toggle on the main menu screen to give yourself a break. Can you fly as far as you can, avoid the moving obstacles, move through the canyons, and beat your previous records? Only one way to find out – get soaring, soldier!


VR X-Racer - Aero Racing Games
VR X-Racer - Aero Racing Games
Developer: DTA Mobile
Price: Free+


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