Race through an endless fluorescent tunnel in ‘Warpspeed VR’

April 21, 2017
  • Speed along an endless neon tunnel while avoiding obstacles!
  • Different types of obstacle enemies require different types of evasion techniques.
  • Leave your mark on the global leaderboard, switch up the difficulty level, and more.

Warpspeed VR

Got the need for speed? Take control of a retro neon spacecraft and navigate your way through an endless tunnel of increasingly tricky obstacles in this free VR action racer!

A number of trying enemies

As you move through the tunnel by tilting your head, level stages will appear that contain different types of enemy obstacles. From erratic rockets to piercing lasers, your job is to avoid getting hit (as well as hitting the tunnel edges) and your shield meter being lowered to zero!

Warpspeed VR

Obstacles will come at random, at an increasingly speedy pace!

Get ready for a challenge!

Looking towards the ground in the main screen area shows the global leaderboard – are you able to fly the furthest and knock other racers off of their perch? Looking to the right also allows you to switch between three difficulty modes if you want even more of a challenge.

Warpspeed VR

In addition to enemies, avoid the tunnel around you – hitting it too often will quickly lower your shield health.

For a bit of variety – or to give your head a break – you can also take advantage of the dedicated non-VR mode that uses tilt controls to play. No matter your choice, brace yourself for a speed racer that will put your reflexes to the test!


Warpspeed VR
Warpspeed VR
Price: Free+


Warpspeed VR
Warpspeed VR
Price: $0.99

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