Learn geometry through AR with ‘What Is Geometry’

May 15, 2017
  • Learn about geometric shapes by taking photos of items around you!
  • Easy to understand explanations of geometry alongside pictures and diagrams.
  • Three different levels of difficulty for each of the 7 topics makes for challenging yet fun gameplay.

What Is Geometry

Is your kid struggling with geometry? The study of shapes and angles can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around, and you might even find yourself stuck for words when they ask for some help with their math homework. Why not turn it into something fun? ‘What Is Geometry’ is an augmented reality edutainment app that’ll have your kids up and about as they search for geometrical shapes around them!

Easy to understand summaries

Tapping into ‘Learn’ from the home screen allows you to browse through seven different geometry topics and read easily digestible explanations alongside useful diagrams. From polygons and 3D shapes to lines and angles, each topic and term is detailed clearly and concisely. Swipe left and right to move through each section, and when you’re done simply tap the ‘Learn Menu’ button at the top of the screen to go back.

What Is Geometry

Learn all about different geometrical terminology and facts alongside pictures that give examples.

Take snapshots of real life geometrical shapes

The ‘Play’ screen provides a variety of challenges, separated into eight areas. Each challenge requests you to find certain shapes around you using your camera, such as a right angle or a vertically symmetric shape, which get slightly more complex as the levels increase. When you think you’ve found the shape, place it within the yellow dotted square – if it’s correct, the shape will be highlighted green and you win the challenge!

What Is Geometry

Encouragement is given after each successful finding!

Each topic has three levels of difficulty, which can be browsed through by swiping left and right within its respective screen. Once all the stages in a level are cleared, you’ll earn a star! For an even bigger boost of motivation, try offering your kids a prize when they complete each topic successfully. That’s 21st century parenting right there! Who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying a few rounds of geometry seeking when the kids are out.

‘What Is Geometry’ can be found on the Android Google Play store free of charge.


What Is Geometry
What Is Geometry
Developer: Watizeet
Price: Free

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